Friday, August 19, 2011

Angry Saints

Okay, I'm an angry guy. Not the kind of angry guy who'd slug you for smiling at the wrong moment. But still, it percolates in there and sometimes spits out sarcasm, insults, and general verbal abuse.

My wife was a patient woman. She's dead. No, it wasn't me. But she's at peace now.

Watching me.

Probably smiling.

She's a saint. She was a saint.

As for me, I keep hoping there's a halo for me. But that anger thing.

So I wondered: Are there angry Saints?

Rumor has is St. Paul was hard to get along with, and some of the things he wrote seemed to have an edge of sarcasm. And St. Jerome was reportedly a piece of work.

In fact, St. Jerome is the patron saint AGAINST anger.

Maybe there's a job for me.

St. Ron the Rabid

I know. My real job is learning curb my tongue and stop fulminating.

Perhaps I need to go off and become a hermit like Jerome.

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